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Re: Loading kernel modules

Bill Wagner said:

> Of course I can always recompile my kernel and build that kernel module
> straight in, but I'm just curious what people normally do in this
> situation.

I am not normal, most people would consider me an extremist when it
comes to my kernels ....

to answer your question though, is put eepro100 in /etc/modules and
it will get loaded on next boot(honestly I've never played with
modules.conf despite using linux since 1996, I've always found a reason
to ignore it)

what *I* would do is different though, having(well technically since
I was laid off on friday this would be had) several dozen systems in
production using Intel Eepro100 in various forms(PCI card, onboard,
or dual channel onboard) I make it a point to grab the latest eepro
driver from:

and I follow the instructions here:
(look for "Building updated drivers into the kernel")

and build new static kernels with these drivers. Some newer eepro
chips are flakey with the older drivers. And you get the added bonus
of support on the eepro mailing list should you run into trouble. In
my experience the drivers there are quite stable. The eepro driver
in the kernel is usually much older& hacked up by people other then
donald(not always a bad thing but makes it hard for him to support
the driver on the mailing lists and he is quite helpful)


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