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Thanks Glyn :-)Re: debian-xemacs-version: Symbols' value as variable is void

Josef Oswald <oswald@chello.at> writes:

> Glyn Millington <glyn@millingtons.org> writes:
>> Josef Oswald <oswald@chello.at> writes:
>>>> 3. Installed 21.4.6 from my cd, checked o the compile options used by the
>>>>    debian compilers - saved the list as  a file.
>>> Do I need to make this file into a executable file (like a script?)
>> Oh no!   Use it to till you what options to feed to configure when you
>> are building the xemacs source ie
>> ./configure --with-sound=none,native '--cflags=-O2 -g -Wall' --with-x11
>> --extra-verbose --with-site-lisp --prefix=/usr/local
>> --error-checking=none --debug=no --dynamic --without-postgresql
>> --with-gpm=no --with-scrollbars=lucid--with-menubars=lucid
>> --package-path=/usr/local/lib/xemacs/xemacs-packages --with-pop
>> --mail-locking=flock
> Thanks :-) Of course I knew I have to adjust it to my own system, the
> reason I asked if I could use it as a script is because somewhere I
> read one can use a file to tell ./configure all the options, now I
> read in a linux-book one can feed files to commands. ie:
> ./configure < config-options (config-options is said file) will test
> it later today...

Well I got it working, I removed the xemacs I pulled from the net,
used a script, yes this part worked, wrote a script with all the
options I wanted made it executable, run it. With "checkinstall"
installed xemacs-21.4.9.

Now while typing this message in gnus, whenever I hit any keys I get
this strange horizontal tool-bar in the middle of the screen, that is
annoying , don't know what is causing this... 

Josef Oswald oswald@chello.at 
registered-Linux-user # 134.818 at http://counter.li.org

The box said Windows, NT or better, so I installed Linux :-) 

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