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Re: I forgot the root password, can not maintain my machine.

also sprach Bob Proulx <bob@proulx.com> [2002.08.06.0223 +0200]:
> > unless /var is mounted, /sbin/shutdown won't work. so your only
> > options are a cold/warm reset or an exit to the shell, which will
> > result in a kernel panic. in both cases is the disk not unmounted
> > properly.
> Hmm... I guess my normal shutdown has been /sbin/reboot.  :-)

same thing. a hardlink if i remember correctly.

> But more seriously, unless a user has a large collections of
> partitions usually /var will be mounted at that time.

/var is the partition that has more of a reason to be a separate
partition than anything else!

> should already know how to deal with it.  (I know I should not say
> that because everyone has their own favorite methods of partitioning
> disk space and mounting them.  No need to flail on that horse here.)

i am not flaming. i merely consider it good practice, while rescueing,
to make sure not to damage your system further. in fact, i usually
mount-rw, do the change, immediately mount-ro.

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