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Re: Resizing partitions..

On Fri, 2002-06-28 at 22:01, Alex Malinovich wrote:
> parted is very safe. And it's actually quite easy to use. If you can use
> ftp (or any other pseudo-shell program) you'll be right at home in
> parted. And if you want to learn more about linux, using a Windows
> program such as PM won't help matters much will it? :)

>From GNU's parted webpage
(http://www.gnu.org/software/parted/parted.html) under Features: "For
ext2, ext3 and reiserfs: the start of the partition must stay fixed." 
This would prevent me from doing what I had intended.  Does this mean I
must use Partition Magic, or do you know of other Linux-side tools?  (I
did a quick look, but discovered nothing substantial)

Also, someone was telling me that if I wanted to resize the / partition
I would have to boot to another partition (say, a floppy) and perform
the operations while / was not mounted.  Does this sound accurate?

> Exactly. And, actually, if you roll your own kernel "The Debian Way",
> you won't even need to do that much. The package does it for you.
> You don't have it so bad now since your Windows partition is FAT32, so
> you can at least write the bootsect.lnx to it from linux. I had an NTFS
> partition, so I had to boot into windows anytime I recompiled my kernel.
> I'll never be able to get that Windows startup sound out of my head. :)

Ouch, I can see why you switched.

In an earlier post you had mentioned how odd it was to have /boot
located where it was, and why - in that location - to have it at all. 
Those partitions were left from an earlier version of Red Hat that I was
playing around with some time ago (before I installed woody), and that
was its default/recommended disk setup.


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