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Re: OT: debian-beer (was Re: wrapping [was: Re:disableparagraphflows in mozilla?])

>(A _continent_ got the crap bombed out of it?????  

just darwin

>Very strong internal isolationist sentiments allowed even
>Lend-Lease to only pass Congress after major arm-twisting by 
>Roosevelt.  The only reason the the USN was able to help
>with GB in the BoA before 07-Dec was by not making it public

it's that sentiment that really pissed off the rest of us

>If FDR _had_ followed US neutrality laws, .uk would now be

not so sure the Brits were ready unleash a chemical armageddon if the
Germans had managed to land troops, it would have been hideous, but I
wouldn't like to try and pick a winner.

>If we (along, of course, with help from Coastwatchers and RAN) 
>hadn't been able to hold on to Guadalcanal, it would have been
>impossible to support ANZ even after Coral Sea.

don't get us started about losing half of our fleet (the RAN) to american
fire at the battle of Savo Island simply because they didn't look like
american ships

>Does the rest of the world think we've been a super-power since
>1776?  Up until _late_ 1941, the US _never_ever_ had anything
>but a _tiny_ standing Army.

1917? 1861-65?

>Is that some veiled reference to some hypothetical Indonesia-

actually the indonesia of the Sukarno era, watching them swallow timor and
west papua made us a little nervous.

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