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Re: safe load average

On Tue, 2002-05-07 at 21:32, Kirk Strauser wrote:
> At 2002-05-08T01:56:57Z, Seneca <seneca-cunningham@rogers.com> writes:
> > > More RAM perhaps to bring down the swapping load?
> > I would if I could afford it, I can't even afford to buy lunch, much less
> > a pair of 16M DIMMs (and that would max out this laptop's memory).  The
> > only memory laying around is physically incompatible with my laptop.
> Nonetheless, I think that's your only real option.  If you're that low on
> RAM, then you'll constantly be tearing through swap.  In technical terms,
> your computer is going nuts.
> OTOH, I understand student budgets.  If your system is that low-end, then
> you can probably upgrade to a whole new computer for less than what you'd
> pay for RAM.  I'd say that about 2 trips to your local plasma donation
> center can probably get you a used Celeron system with 128MB of RAM.

A previous response from dman has, I think, the most short-term
utility: what are you doing on that system?

Are you running X?  If so, dump it!  Be ruthless in paring your
system down.  Don't even use vim.  elvis is much smaller.  You
are running a custom kernel configured with as many modules as
possible, right?  Create an hourly cron job that does "rmmod -a",
to eliminate any unused modules.

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