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Re: leafnode & kupdated

On Fri, Apr 26, 2002 at 12:47:53AM -0700, Paul 'Baloo' Johnson wrote:
> On Fri, 26 Apr 2002, sda wrote:
> > 1/ My system hangs periodically, everything freezes. Running, top the
> > culprit seems to be kupdated. What package do I need to remove, to be rid
> > of this beast? I assume it's part of KDE [which I don't use anyway] just
> > need the libs. Has anyone else seen this behaviour?
> kupdated is a kernel daemon, not KDE (though leave it to KDE to make
> things more komplex and konfusing and kbloated than necissary, but CDE
> and Gnome both suck as well).

Thanks fell silly now thinking it was a kde process. I agree both of
those Window Managers suck, I'm partial to wmaker, icewm and xfce.

BTW, just noticed when writing this the damn pause come back. Any idea as
to what this is? I installed woody using the cdrom net install and the
only choice of 2.4 kernel was 2.4.18-bf2.4. I should mention at this
point that I'm not an expert [obviously] but I know just enough to be
dangerous. I had a libranet 1.9.1 install on this box previously. And
when installing ReiserFS, it wanted me to create a small /boot 10-12mg
as ext2. I kept the same config just reintiallised it. In my previous
response I listed my swap and memory configurations. Any suggestions will
be graciously and gratefully appreciated.

> > 2/ I installed leafnode. I'm used to running and setting it up on other
> > boxes and I don't like `dpkg configure' setting it up for me - it's not
> > doing it the way I wish. How do I prevent this tool from configuring it
> > for me? It doesn't seem to give one the option to say no...
> Don't.  Just copy the configs over from the known-good machine and tweek
> as needed.

That's what I generally do, but for some reason due to the fact that the
package installer insists on setting it up for me, Woody refuses to run
the real leafnode config file. It keeps seeing the values entered when I
apt installed. I agree generally it's nice for apt to setup
applications, but this is not one of those instances. I say this
because leafnode allows one to use more than one upstream nntp server,
the installer script doesn't, nor does the installer script give one the
option to place a needed password. I have no problem doing this by hand
I was just confused as to where the actual system leafnode config file

Anyways - after some rest I approached the problem with a little more
clarity. =) I grep'd for leafnode and surprise surprise, Debian moves
the config to a different location. On two other Linux's I've used,
leafnode config file is stored in /usr/share/leafnode, on Deb it's
/etc/news/leafnode. I'm not saying it's wrong, just different. I'm sure
that dpkg told me this, but I must admit that the messages sometimes
scroll by quite fast on a small term.

So now I know why Deb wasn't seeing the proper config file. Hopefully
this might help others out in the future.

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