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Re: How to speed up fetching mail

begin  Karsten Heymann quotation:
> fetch every day). Now how can I reduce the online time? Is there some
> way to scan/sanitize the mail in background? Or at least fetch from the
> accounts parallelly? I tried retchmail from unstable but it somehow

Ok, first off, change your name; one Karsten is enough.  :-)

If you want to parallelize fetchmail, make four config files, and run
four fetchmails, each with the -f option; or just pass each all the
parameters on the command line, although that's bad because of

If you want fetchmail to run in the background, use the -d option to
make it a daemon.

Combine both for parallel daemons.  Don't forget to kill the daemons if
you're using dial-on-demand, or set a long time period on -d, or they'll
nail up your connection.

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