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Re: leafnode & kupdated

On Fri, 26 Apr 2002, sda wrote:

> That's what I generally do, but for some reason due to the fact that the
> package installer insists on setting it up for me, Woody refuses to run
> the real leafnode config file. It keeps seeing the values entered when I
> apt installed.

Copy the configs in and overwrite apt's idea after it's done, not
before.  When you upgrade, apt/debconf will likely not dick with it
unless there was a major change that requires config tweeking, which
unless you have debconf configured to not bother you, you'll see a box.

> I was just confused as to where the actual system leafnode config file
> resides.

/etc/news/leafnode/config  (IIRC, I've since changed to using nntpcache
as my system needs changed)


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