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Re: leafnode & kupdated

On Fri, 26 Apr 2002, sda wrote:

> 1/ My system hangs periodically, everything freezes. Running, top the
> culprit seems to be kupdated. What package do I need to remove, to be rid
> of this beast? I assume it's part of KDE [which I don't use anyway] just
> need the libs. Has anyone else seen this behaviour?

kupdated is a kernel daemon, not KDE (though leave it to KDE to make
things more komplex and konfusing and kbloated than necissary, but CDE
and Gnome both suck as well).

> 2/ I installed leafnode. I'm used to running and setting it up on other
> boxes and I don't like `dpkg configure' setting it up for me - it's not
> doing it the way I wish. How do I prevent this tool from configuring it
> for me? It does't seem to give one the option to say no...

Don't.  Just copy the configs over from the known-good machine and tweek
as needed.


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