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installing oracle 9i

Where I work we need to use oracle 9i (I'm pushing for mySQL conversion) on
Linux boxes to communicate with oracle 8i on a Solaris box.
Our DBA tried to do the 9i install (when he looked for a "d drive" I got
scared), and keeps having problems that he won't share with the rest of us.
He talked to oracle support and they said that since debian doesn't have a
bourne shell, it won't install and that they can't help, because they only
support Redhat and SuSE.

Has anybody here installed oracle successfully on Debian? If so can you give
me details of the special steps you had to take?

Or if there's a better lib that will allow C++ programs on a Debian box
access an oracle server on a solaris box using Pro/C and whatever protocol
oracle uses for select/update/insert/etc. commands from C code, can
somebody give me some tips on that?
Unfortunately, I'm database illiterate, so I don't know any more about our
needs than what I said here.


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