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Re: installing oracle 9i

I've installed Oracle 9i Enterprise/Personal Edition Database and Oracle
9i Application Server on Debian Potato 2.2.20 Kernel

On Thu, 2002-04-04 at 19:12, Jason Majors wrote:
> Where I work we need to use oracle 9i (I'm pushing for mySQL conversion) on
> Linux boxes to communicate with oracle 8i on a Solaris box.
> Our DBA tried to do the 9i install (when he looked for a "d drive" I got
> scared), and keeps having problems that he won't share with the rest of us.
> He talked to oracle support and they said that since debian doesn't have a
> bourne shell, it won't install and that they can't help, because they only
> support Redhat and SuSE.
Your dba obviously has no unix/linux experiences.  This is probably a
great time for you to step in and show off your skills.
> Has anybody here installed oracle successfully on Debian? If so can you give
> me details of the special steps you had to take?
What issues are u running into? Errors? Traps?
I did not have any problems during the install.

> Or if there's a better lib that will allow C++ programs on a Debian box
> access an oracle server on a solaris box using Pro/C and whatever protocol
> oracle uses for select/update/insert/etc. commands from C code, can
> somebody give me some tips on that?
You may want to read up on OCI? 

> Unfortunately, I'm database illiterate, so I don't know any more about our
> needs than what I said here.

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