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Re: fstab mounted windows shares

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From: "curtis" <curtis@npc-usa.com>
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Sent: Friday, March 22, 2002 1:33 AM
Subject: fstab mounted windows shares

> Question:
> In order to mount at boot windows shares I have the following fstab
> //Server/sharename    /home/Servershare    smb
> username=user,password=password    1    2
> In order for this to work, of course, the username and password are in
> my case, my Domain Username and Password.  These are entered in the
> fstab in plain text.
> The problems are evident.
> 1. There is the issue of safety.
> My password is basically available in text format.
> 2. There is the issue of password changes.
> We have an policy whereby everyone must change their password every 4
> months, which would mean going in and having to change this every 4
> months as well.
> Surely there is a way to not have to enter my username and password in
> the fstab. Or is there?

Here is what I used to do,

I used to have a script in my home directory which asked me for password
and then mounted the sytems - I suppose you could just as well put the
password in your script and set it user readable only.

I used smbmount

from smbmount man page

smbmount service mountpoint [ -o options ]

Options to smbmount are specified  as  a  comma  separated
       list of key=value pairs.

              specifies  the  username  to connect as. If this is
              not given then the  environment  variable  USER  is
              used. This option can also take the form user%pass­
              word or user/workgroup  or  user/workgroup%password
              to allow the password and workgroup to be specified
              as part of the username.

              specifies the SMB password. If not given then  smb­
              mount will prompt for a passeword, unless the guest
              option is given.




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