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Re: fstab mounted windows shares

curtis wrote:
> Question:
> In order to mount at boot windows shares I have the following fstab entry:
> //Server/sharename    /home/Servershare    smb
> username=user,password=password    1    2

> Surely there is a way to not have to enter my username and password in
> the fstab. Or is there?

I'd bypass fstab completely and mount the shares with a script (say with
something in /etc/init.d, or possibly /etc/rc.boot), because then you
could keep your password in an encrypted file (encrypted with gpg or
similar) and have the script decrypt it when the password is required
(ie. when the script runs smbmount).

It's not as clean as using fstab, for instance you won't be able to do
'mount /home/Servershare' and have it just work... but if you never
umount/remount it manually anyway, why would it matter?


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