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RE: WindowMaker Keybindings

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> From: Rohan Deshpande [mailto:rdzx@myrealbox.com]
> Sent: 22 March 2002 12:40
> To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
> Subject: WindowMaker Keybindings
> Hey all,
> I would like to use WindowMaker, but would also like to configure
> keybindings.  As you know, with Debian's streamlined menu 
> system, there
> is no way to customize keybindings through WPrefs since it 
> prompts with
> an error about another program controlling the menu system.  
> Does anyone
> know how to configure keybindings without going through WPrefs?

I use 'wmakerconf', add a new menu item for the program you want to run,
then you can associate a key combination to it.


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