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Re: networking problems withe Linksys router

At 10:52 PM 3/6/02, Stephen Ryan wrote:
On Wed, 2002-03-06 at 19:50, Chris Jenks wrote:
> At 07:35 AM 3/6/02, Paul Mackinney wrote:
> >Chris Jenks declaimed:
> > > Before I put the router in I had no problem connecting to my Comcast cable
> > > modem from either windows, or linux and even had woody installed. After
> > > putting the router in, I can no longer access the anywhere on the LAN or
> > > the Internet from the Linux. When in windows (like right now) I have no
> > > problem.
> >This sounds like a straight-up Linux IP configuration issue, especially
> >if the Linux box can't connect to other devices on your LAN. Or do you
> >have a reason for believing otherwise?
> If I swap the Linksys router out with my old hub, I don't have the problem.
> If it was a linux IP config issue, it wouldn't work either way. It's
> differently
> an issue with the cable router (with built in switch). Since other people are > using the router and not having a problem, I'm thinking it's the MAC address
> cloning.

I'm not sure if it's the same problem, but I have the same cable
router.  I had no trouble with it while using the wired connections, but
had exactly the symptoms you describe with the wireless connection.  A
firmware update fixed everything (this was about a week ago).

Wireless works as advertised. Are you using the MAC Address Cloning feature?

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