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Re: networking problems withe Linksys router

At 07:35 AM 3/6/02, Paul Mackinney wrote:
Chris Jenks declaimed:
> Before I put the router in I had no problem connecting to my Comcast cable
> modem from either windows, or linux and even had woody installed. After
> putting the router in, I can no longer access the anywhere on the LAN or
> the Internet from the Linux. When in windows (like right now) I have no
> problem.
This sounds like a straight-up Linux IP configuration issue, especially
if the Linux box can't connect to other devices on your LAN. Or do you
have a reason for believing otherwise?

If I swap the Linksys router out with my old hub, I don't have the problem.
If it was a linux IP config issue, it wouldn't work either way. It's differently
an issue with the cable router (with built in switch). Since other people are
using the router and not having a problem, I'm thinking it's the MAC address

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