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networking problems withe Linksys router

I've looked on google, and in the archives, but I'm not having much luck finding what is causing my problem.

I've got a dual boot box, windows 98 and Debian 2.2r3, connecting to my cable modem via a linksys router. It's a Linksys Wireless access point + cable/dsl router with 4 port switch. I'm using the MAC address cloning feature of the router (with the wireless part turned off unless I'm using my laptop from somewhere else in my house). I'm also using the router for a DHCP server.

Before I put the router in I had no problem connecting to my Comcast cable modem from either windows, or linux and even had woody installed. After putting the router in, I can no longer access the anywhere on the LAN or the Internet from the Linux. When in windows (like right now) I have no problem.

I reinstalled 2.2r3 tonight thinking that I had messed up something when changing DHCP around (after I put the router in) but when I used the option to let the networking options be configured by the network using, DHCP or BootP, it failed. I set a static ip address on the box, but was unable to ping out from the box my laptop or the linksys router.

I'm curious if the problem is being caused by the MAC address cloning. Has anyone else had problems like this when using the linksys routers?

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