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Re: Terminfo and emacs

>>"Harry" == Harry Putnam <reader@newsguy.com> writes:

 Harry> I see `apt-get --reinstall' is kind of close.  But barfs if files are
 Harry> missing or something.

 Harry> Rather than piece it togetther with file date and such, I thought to
 Harry> just reinstall emacs21.  But it barfs on the missing files. with
 Harry> --reinstall or --force-yes.

	Can you expand on this? Which files are missing? As far as I
 can see, when I reinstall emacs21, it re-downloads the .deb for me,
 and installs it. (a script/log of the failure would be helpful too)

 Harry> Even with `apt-get install  --force-yes  package'
 Harry> It barfs if you've scrubbed some of the files it expects to find.

	Umm, unless you have removed some files belonging to dpkg
 itself, or packages marked essential (that is the definition of
 essential -- packages without  which dpkg fails).

 Harry> I got around it by apt-get remove emacs21 the apt-get install emacs21
 Harry> but suspect there is a more direct way.

	I think the --reinstall is supposed to work.

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