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Re: Terminfo and emacs

Alan Shutko <ats@acm.org> writes:

>> Emacs is not finding certain include files for X11 and won't compile
>> with X11 support.
> Like redhat's -devel programs, most of the include files in Debian are
> in lib*-dev packages.  For the X libraries, I currently have installed

Ahh cool.. Thanks Alan.  I was glad to see your name popping up in the
responses recently too.
Seems debian has some handy help for many situations.

Maybe you'll know about this one:

In redhat package manager there is a rpm --replacepkg command that
will replace an installed package all over again.

I see `apt-get --reinstall' is kind of close.  But barfs if files are
missing or something.  Even with `apt-get install  --force-yes  package'
It barfs if you've scrubbed some of the files it expects to find.

That --replacepkg thing in rpm is just for that kind of thing.
I suspect apt-get or dpkg or a combination of them can do this too.

Specifically the situation was that in shuffling stuff around after
trying the emacs install from source, and installing emacs21 with
apt-get  I mistakenly removed some of the debian files in
/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp  (I'd mixed in a bunch of my own stuff and
lost track of what was from the install and what was mine).

Rather than piece it togetther with file date and such, I thought to
just reinstall emacs21.  But it barfs on the missing files. with
--reinstall or --force-yes.

I got around it by apt-get remove emacs21 the apt-get install emacs21
but suspect there is a more direct way.

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