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Re: Enough time wasted, moving on

On Sat, Mar 02, 2002 at 04:49:43PM -0800, Harry Putnam wrote:
| Michel Loos <loos@qt1.iq.usp.br> writes:
| > Mmm, I am quit used to install, 3com NICs and I humbly think you
| > mixed 509 with 905, there is nothing in the description of the 3c509
| > that says it should work with a 3c905.
| > The 3c509(B/TX) are old 10Mb ISA NICs, while you wher looking for the
| > 3c905B
| > a 10/100 PCI NIC. The description of the 3c59x (your driver) talks
| > somewhere of "newer" drivers, which includes the 3c59x and the 3c9xx
| > (not cited, this is a real problem).
| I think it was just a typo on my part.  My nic is 3c905.
| I believe the Modules selections page has it listed wrong.  But I
| haven't been willing to rerun base-config up to that section, to find
| out for sure.  Afraid I will mess up the install I now have running.
| Maybe there is some way to page thru it with no risk, but some of the
| screens seem to demand an action be taken and won't allow you to
| proceed without taking some action.
| To recap this here:  What I'm suggesting is that the screen presented
| during install that allows you to select a nic driver, has the wrong
| driver listed adjacent to 3c905.
| At this point I'm confused enough that I'm not really sure that is
| even true.

Run 'modconf' as root.  It's the same utility that the installer runs.
Then you can play with it just like you would during installation :-).



The wise in heart are called discerning,
and pleasant words promote instruction.
        Proverbs 16:21

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