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Re: Enough time wasted, moving on

>>"Harry" == Harry Putnam <reader@newsguy.com> writes:

 Harry> Anyone who wants the official 6 CD set of woody 3.0
 Harry> Can send me an address privately.  First one I get in my inbox with
 Harry> snailmail address will get the cds mailed to them.

	You have been conned. Woody 3.0 is in a pre-release alpha
 state (READ: unfit to release). There are no official CD's. 

 Harry> I've burned up 2 full days, gotten no help whatever from the
 Harry> list. 

	Considering you are asking about pre-release, unstable, wildly
 unusable software on a users list, rather than the developers one, it
 should come as no surprise no one would be able to offer any help.

 Harry> Found the install routines to be unusable.

	Shows why we haven't released it yet, huh?

 Harry> All I hear from Woody is `can't won't or doesn't' And this on
 Harry> a machine that has had 2 flavors of linux, 2 of the BSDs and
 Harry> Solaris (intel) install successfully.  Hardware recognized
 Harry> etc.

	This is beginning to get irritating. You take pre-release
 software, one that is known to not yet work, and you are complaining
 that pre-alpha softweaer does ot work? Well, duh.

 Harry> Maybe I got hoodwinked getting them from `The sphere'

	You did. If you provide soe more details, I can see what we
 can do to tell them not to gyp users. 

 Harry> When I see things like that gauranteed to cause confusion, I
 Harry> know that at the Debian organization someone is asleep at the
 Harry> switch.

	Rubbish. You did not get these from Debian. There is no
 ``official'' CD set on any Debian archivce site. You  run down to som
 e no name local shop and get an `official'' XP CD, guess what'll
 happen? Why should things be different for a a shoddy CD set not from

 Harry> And can rest assured that I will be in for lots of unnecessary
 Harry> grief caused by `loose' organization and homeboy packaging.

	I think this is a classic case of pilot error.

 Harry> One has to think, what else is poorly done here.

	Perhaps you ought to start accepting some blame for this
 yourself -- jumping the gun with a shoddy, not-from-Debian pre
 release alpha  CD set.

 Harry> But then again for someone who enjoys major unnecessary
 Harry> tinkering.  Relentless `fixes' and the like, Here is a chance
 Harry> to get a setup that will keep you busy for a long time, and
 Harry> absolutely free.  I'll pay the postage too.

	Please, let no one bother. Wait until Woody is actually ready
 for release.

 Harry> At least `woody' sounded...... well .... erect :-)

	I suppose, if I were so inclined, I could characterize what
 happened to you in similar terms.

 Mother is the invention of necessity.
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