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Re: Enough time wasted, moving on

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:

> 	Considering you are asking about pre-release, unstable, wildly
>  unusable software on a users list, rather than the developers one, it
>  should come as no surprise no one would be able to offer any help.

Horse pucky.

Manoj, you do a disservice here.  That software in woody is known to
be usable and is widely used already.  

Your dead wrong about the help too.  I just hadn't waited long enough.
Not everyone here has your `hard case' attitude.

	Rubbish. You did not get these from Debian. There is no
 ``official'' CD set on any Debian archivce site. You  run down to som
 e no name local shop and get an `official'' XP CD, guess what'll
 happen? Why should things be different for a a shoddy CD set not from

Rubbish?  I think you've been reading those `Winnie the Pooh' novels
again.  :-)

I told exactly where I got them.  And it wasn't on a street corner
from a guy in a trench coat, they are not from Debian to be sure, nor
are they `Official', it turned out, but the `No Name' shop is linked
right into debain home.  The very first US vender linked to debain
home page. I don't really think there is any thing wrong technically
with them either.

My jab about someone asleep at the switch was poorly aimed.

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