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Re: Enough time wasted, moving on

On Fri, Mar 01, 2002 at 11:57:09PM -0800, Harry Putnam wrote:
> In the threads here I've put together a whole plan of
> attack. Involving editing the sources.list.  Knowing how to get going
> with the nic.  A series of commands for apt-get that clean things up
> and get ready to install a more fleshed out system. 

note that i've never done this myself, thereby making me a
highly-qualified expert on the subject (everything here may be
wrong). here's what i'm just about ready to try, myself--

1. get the potato cd -- you can get a full-blown distro on three
cd's if you wanna tinker, or just the elementary single. for a
quick start, the single is all you'd need.

2. boot off the cd.

3. do a bare minimum install:
	partition, format, mount & install base system
	include the NET module to match your NIC
	ipmasq & foreign filesystems can wait until later (via `modconf`)

4. reboot.

5. when it asks where you want to install stuff from, it'll
default to the cd. tell it to use HTTP or FTP instead and then
specify which servers you'd like to use. (there's no clue as to
the geographic location of any of them aside from country,
unless you can make out a state or province name in part of a
dmoain name. </grumble>)

5a. edit sources.list by hand -- change any occurences of
"stable" to "woody". after you do so it'll test your changes by
doing the equivalent of "apt-get update" for you. if it doesn't
work, something's up with your network card / driver module.

6. still don't install anything (especially not via tasksel,
which will download hoards of gunk).

7. log in as root (which you'll later disable as a security
measure, so you can track WHO does "su" or "sudo" to get root
privileges) and do

	apt-get install perl
	apt-get install apt dpkg apt-utils
	apt-get dist-upgrade
	apt-get -f install [as needed]

[maybe woody dependencies need to be munged to make this
sequence automatic, so that having to do it by hand is less
crucial? i dunno.]

see http://www.polaris.net/~dwarf/ for details (i.e. knowledge
from someone who's actually DONE this)

8. "modconf" or "tasksel" or "apt-get install" to your heart's

there. is that right? if i need correcting, rest assured it'll
happen shortly. :)

> I suspect there is a smallish outline of things to do that would make
> it pretty clear how to conduct a network install.
> Some of that needs to be in that section.   I don't think its enough
> to say, you can do it by ftp or http.

so it's a documentation problem... hmm...
see http://newbieDoc.sourceForge.net/ and http://qref.sf.net

I use Debian/GNU Linux version 2.2;
Linux server 2.2.17 #1 Sun Jun 25 09:24:41 EST 2000 i586 unknown
DEBIAN NEWBIE TIP #10 from Will Trillich <will@serensoft.com>
Looking to run a command or two at REGULAR INTERVALS?  Try
"crontab -e" for starters (see "man cron" or "man crontab").
You might also investigate the "anacron" package.

Also see http://newbieDoc.sourceForge.net/ ...

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