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Re: networking problems withe Linksys router

At 10:30 PM 3/1/02, Timothy R. Butler wrote:
> I'm curious if the problem is being caused by the MAC address cloning. Has
> anyone else had problems like this when using the linksys routers?

  I have the normal Linksys 4-port router with Charter Pipeline internet
access, and everything works fine in Woody (standard DHCP settings). I'm not
quite sure what MAC address cloning does, but perhaps you could try to
disable it temporarily? I do not believe my router supports MAC address
cloning, so while that may not be the cause, it seems more likely than some
of the other functions of the router...


MAC Address cloning was a feature that they put into the routers for people
who's cable provider copies the mac address in order to use the service. My
cable modem wouldn't work until Comcast had my MAC address in their
system. Basiclly I put the MAC of the nic card that Comcast first connected
to (in this case the one in my desk top) into the router, and it allows me to
still have access with out calling Comcast.

Unforuntely in order to disable it, I'll have to find the manual, the router's MAC
address, and call comcast. I'm not against doing that, but that is my second
to last resort. My last resort is to dig out another NIC and swap it with what's
in the desktop.

I am willing to do that, but what I want to see if anyone else is using cloning

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