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exim max emails?

I am doing some consulting work for a marketing company that wants me to
perform some mass email using client supplied sample.  I grabbed the
bulkmail.pm perl script and thought all was fine.  

It doesn't seem like exim will mail more than 200 messages at a time.  
I changed the exim.conf script to mail 1000.  When I look at /var/log/exim/mainlog 
is shows around 150-200 completed emails and then stops.

Also, what does 2002-03-01 21:34:48 16h0IK-0000Vm-04 <= lance@augustmail.com H=jakar 
 (augustmail.com) [] U=lance P=smtp S=3239 mean in the mainlog file?



                                Lance Hoffmeyer

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                        nonconformist warmly acclaimed.
                                Albert Einstein

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