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portfw to multiple machines, same port

As near as I can tell from the documentation I've read so far, you can't
(in 2.2.x) ipmasqadm portfw a port to multiple servers of the same
port.  For instance if I want to go from the ip address on my cable
connection to four separate webservers, say one an apache, one a boa, a
dhttpd and a roxen, all
of which have their own separate purposes, I just can't do this it looks
like without getting multiple external ip addresses using portfw.  It
also looks like I in fact might be able to do this with mfw, which is
apparently not recommended.  Anyhow, I'm stretching beyond my ability
here anyway for now.

The one answer that does seem to be reasonable is to specify 80 for a
front end webserver and then access the other webservers on other ports,
so that the apache could be 81, the roxen 82, the boa 83.  Is this
fairly typical?  

I'm not keen on playing too radically, at least not this season.

TIA for any feedback.

Sincerely, Xeno
Physically I'm at:  5101 N. 45th St., Tacoma, WA, 98407-3717, U.S.A.

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