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Re: Enough time wasted, moving on

>>"Harry" == Harry Putnam <reader@newsguy.com> writes:

 Harry> Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:
 >> Considering you are asking about pre-release, unstable, wildly
 >> unusable software on a users list, rather than the developers one, it
 >> should come as no surprise no one would be able to offer any help.

 Harry> Horse pucky.

	So your problems were not caused by pre-release, unstable,
 wildly unusable boot CD's? 

 Harry> Manoj, you do a disservice here.  That software in woody is known to
 Harry> be usable and is widely used already.  

	Can't parse english, eh? The context: You were complaining
 about a so called Official CD set, and yelling and screaming about
 shoddy work by Debian. (Just look at the subject on this exchange). 

	It is true that the woody cd sets are not ready for use yet. I
 have a dozen coasters sitting around the house to prove that. Woody
 may be usable, the CD's are not.

 Harry> Your dead wrong about the help too.  I just hadn't waited long
 Harry> enough.  Not everyone here has your `hard case' attitude.

	Heh. Let us replay what you said:
 > I've burned up 2 full days, gotten no help whatever from the list.
 > Found the install routines to be unusable.

	I was just offering an explanation as to why, according to
 your own words, people had not responded in  a couple of days when
 the normal turn around here is measured in hours.

 > All I hear from Woody is `can't won't or doesn't'  And this on a
 > machine that has had 2 flavors of linux, 2 of the BSDs and Solaris
 > (intel) install successfully.  Hardware recognized etc.

	I do have a hard time being patient with people maligning the
 distribution, saying things about people being asleep at the switch,
 while the problem was not with the project. 

 Harry> 	Rubbish. You did not get these from Debian. There is no
 Harry>  ``official'' CD set on any Debian archivce site. You  run down to som
 Harry>  e no name local shop and get an `official'' XP CD, guess what'll
 Harry>  happen? Why should things be different for a a shoddy CD set not from
 Harry>  Debian? 

 Harry> Rubbish?  I think you've been reading those `Winnie the Pooh' novels
 Harry> again.  :-)

 > And can rest assured that I will be in for lots of unnecessary
 > grief caused by `loose' organization and homeboy packaging.

	Go right ahead. Bad mouth the volunteers who are providing the
 distribution, and, rather than owning up, engage in juvenile banter
 to save face. 

 Harry> My jab about someone asleep at the switch was poorly aimed.

	Thanks for admitting that.

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