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Re: Help with missing /boot/boot.b

On Fri, Mar 01, 2002 at 03:18:41PM -0400, Liam Black wrote:
> I will try your advice this evening. How did you recreate /boot/boot.b,
> though? Was this part of the lilo Process?
> Thank you for your detailed and informative response. Even if it does not
> assist me, it will likely assist others!
> leem

Liam, you accidentally replied off-list, so I'm posting the reply back to
debian-user in case it would be helpful to others in the same boat.

*I* didn't recreate /boot/boot.b, it was done auto-magically when I 
reinstalled lilo.  When I replaced my failing hard drive (hda), which
had my Windows installation plus my Debian potato /boot partition, I 
stupidly neglected some sage advice from the lilo manual located in

Begin quote ----------------

 - If performing a destructive upgrade and/or erasing your Linux 
   partitions, de-install LILO _before_ that if using it as the MBR.

End quote ------------------

I inferred from this that if I used dselect to uninstall then 
reinstall lilo, that I might help myself.  It worked.  When I 
reinstalled lilo the install or configuration scripts asked me a couple
of questions, nothing esoteric, but I simply don't remember what info I
was prompted for.  No matter, after I reinstalled lilo, the 
/boot/boot.b and map files I was missing had been recreated by the
package installation, and Debian was bootable from the hard disk again.

It's worth a try, and certainly less hassle than recompiling your

Mark S. Reglewski

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