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Re: 486 SX (masquerading DSL connection)

umm, perhaps i am wrong as i don't know what kind of switch do u have but
isn't switch's purphose is to divide the network into subnets ??!

while you think of that, using dhcp with configuration as you have is ok.
your isp will not get the broadcast becouse as i said before, 10.x.x.x net
IS NOT ROUTABLE!!! broadcasts from it, cannot pass the DSL modem, it stops
there. and secondly why don't you add a reservation on the dhcpd to reserve
the server ip be the same all the time ?!!?

think about it too. :)

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> On Thu, Feb 14, 2002 at 07:31:08PM +0100, Matijs van Zuijlen wrote:
> ...
> I too thought that putting the DSL modem on the hub (actually a switch
> in my case) wasn't the Right Way.
> | The 486 that connects to the internet also does the masquearading. All
> | traffic flow to eth0, and gets masq'd, but then goes to the internet
> | through ppp0, which is in fact a ppp connection using pptp (which talks
> | the modem via the very same eth0). To the rest of the network the modem
> | just Only the 486 is 'exposed'. I hope this clears things
> Ahh, you have a "separate" PPP interface.
> My service is simply an ethernet card with a cable (crossover, IIRC)
> connected to the DSL modem.  I use DHCP to get an IP and it's golden.
> (I used to have to "submit" a web form to "login" to my ISP (which I
> automated with a not-very-robust script) but they removed that
> annoyance!)
> I don't think it would work very well if any other machine on the
> subnet uses DHCP to obtain an address because then my "server" _and_
> the ISP would both get the broadcast request, but I only pay for 1 IP.
> It would probably work if there was a way to make the switch transfer
> data to the DSL modem _only_ from the gateway machine (and then only
> some of it!).
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