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mount question 2.4 rescue.bin

I'm hoping this is a problem others have seen and I'm just missing the
obvious solution.  Please feel free to tell me to RTFM, just point me
to the correct manual ;-)

I have created a rescue.bin diskette using the 2.4 kernel found at:


Creating the diskette was simple and straightforward in it's documentation.
When I boot from this diskette, I am unable to mount the local NFS filesystem
I have the drivers.tgz residing on (not a problem mounting it from other
machines, so export is fine).[1]  The error I receive on mount is

failed: No such device

The mount command I'm using is

mount -t nfs ourhost:/some/path /instmnt

I've tried various incantations of mount point (creating a dir in /target

Okay - so that doesn't work.  When I use the http method of grabbing 
rescue.bin and drivers.tgz, I receive only the 2.2.xx kernel version
residing in:


(Pointing the http get to the bf2.4 directory yields an error in locating
images-1.44 - a hard-coded path.)

I would really like to install directly to a 2.4 kernel.  Is there a way
to split the drivers.tgz file to a usable form?  Just using Unix split doesn't 
work....there must be some other magic involved in creating the driver-{1-4}.bin

Thanks for any insight you are able to provide.

Best regards,

Nancy Davis

[1]  Additionally, I can ping my gateway and the fileserver by name.  Not DNS
or network driver problem.

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