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Re: potato on 486

Osamu Aoki wrote:

On Fri, Oct 12, 2001 at 10:48:03AM -0700, Paul Scott wrote:

A local ISP - ultrasw.com - dial-up - it's an NT server.
The username, password handshake seems to work and I immediately get "Requested Service Denied". I have tried minicom and as many different pppconfig combinations as I can think of. That may not mean much since this is my first attempt at each of these things.

Try wvdial.  This is automatic.

I have, often.  Same result - "Requested Service Denied"

The CD I am trying to read is Debian install.

I have to concede that if out box operation of many preconfigured
desktop apps are important and security updates and customization are
secondary concern for you, those rpm based systems (openlinux/caldera, redhat,
suse, mandrake, turbolinux, ...) are easier to set them up.  But
configuring and updating is another story.

I totally agree. I run all Debian. I was just trying to find a way to get Debian on this old box.

I am hoping the Debian install will get easier for non-technical users. I am trying to promote Linux to a lot of them. Possibly Progeny will make the difference.



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