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Re: SPAM WARNING: spammers use Debian lists for harvesting

martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Alex Hunsley (on Wed, 03 Oct 2001 01:03:36PM +0100):
> > What's obnoxious about it? I don't want spam, dad. It's that simple.
> maybe obnoxious is not the right word, and hey, i don't want to start
> a flame war... but i almost replied to you in person without noticing
> it, and that would have caused a 30 minute delay or so as well as
> extra trouble...

My attitude is usually to send a reply to at least the list and
sometimes to the person themselves. If the mail to the actual person
bounces, then at least it's on the list where they'll likely see it.

I see what you mean though. It might be handy if it were possible to
leave the email field completely blank or obviously bogus, but a lot of
software doesn't let you do that - insists you put in what looks like an
email address...


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