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Re: SPAM WARNING: spammers use Debian lists for harvesting

Robert Waldner wrote:

> Of course it would be easy to make such bots a little bit more
>  intelligent. But why bother? Also, most spammers probably don't target
>  people who already have formed an opinion against it, their main
>  targets are AOL- & -newbies, anyway.

Fair point.

> If you believe in using fake addresses, why not use something like
>  lard@uk.ed.ac.tardis? This doesn't (and probably won't) exist, so you
>  have the benefit of a faked address but don't simply shove the load
>  unto someone else.

Believe me, I've tried that, but my mail server won't let me post unless
I use a hostname that actually exists!

Now I'm using a real address for an account I don't often read.


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