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Re: SPAM WARNING: spammers use Debian lists for harvesting

also sprach Alex Hunsley (on Wed, 03 Oct 2001 01:03:36PM +0100):
> What's obnoxious about it? I don't want spam, dad. It's that simple.

maybe obnoxious is not the right word, and hey, i don't want to start
a flame war... but i almost replied to you in person without noticing
it, and that would have caused a 30 minute delay or so as well as
extra trouble...

> Also, I was having a discussion on usenet recently on this very subject
> - the capabilities of spam bots - and I was advising people that address
> trawlers probably by now could see past things like a capital words like
> BLOCK or REMOVE in an address. Many people wrote back saying "I use the
> word REMOVE in my address all the time and have yet to receive spam", so
> anecdotally, most trawlers aren't that good yet. (Although it wouldn't
> be hard to make them that good).

i don't believe people, especially on usenet, who claim that they
haven't received any spam yet!

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