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Re: OT: html or text to rtf conversion tool?

On Mon, Oct 01, 2001 at 11:27:45PM +0100, Andreas Obermaier wrote:
> Perhaps I should do some research to find out if xml/xsl can do rtf?
> After looking into an RTF file, it looks like one could even write rtf
> in an text editor?  i.e. I should by able to write my own xsl stylesheet
> for rtf output?

I've written code that generates reports in RTF before.  It can be
done, but it was pretty tedious.  (OTOH, I wasn't able to find a
decent spec for RTF and had to reverse-engineer the relevant bits by
looking at Word-generated RTF.)  One major advantage, though, of
doing it yourself:  Less bloat.  My final RTF output was well under a
third the size of what Word generated for an identical document.

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