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Re: OT: html or text to rtf conversion tool?

* Andreas Obermaier (aobermai@port22.net) spake thusly:
> A quick test with enscript didn't yield a satisfactory result.  (Line
> breaks got messed up).
> Actually I did write my cv in xml and then used xsltproc to convert it
> to html.  This was thought to be my first xml project, so I am not sure
> if I did use xml the way it was supposed to be used, or not. :)
> I then used html2text to convert my cv to text.  Which was kind of
> inconsequent, as xml should support text output as well.  

Hmm, you could just strip off the tags...

> Perhaps I should do some research to find out if xml/xsl can do rtf?
> After looking into an RTF file, it looks like one could even write rtf
> in an text editor?  i.e. I should by able to write my own xsl stylesheet
> for rtf output?


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