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Re: apt-get wierdness: when 6 is equal to 9

begin: Hereward Cooper <zadok@phreaker.net> quote
> once upon a time Peter Jay Salzman <p@dirac.org> said:
> > problem: two systems with the same sources.list don't know about the
> > same
> >   available packages.
> have you tried running the update selection from dselect. I think the
> problem is that dpkg only lists the files from the package list when
> updated via dselect. Or alternativly you could use "apt-cache search
> <filename>" which would use the apt package list.
> Hereward

thanks for the reply.  so dselect and apt contain different views of what
packages are on the system?

just tried it -- i think you're right.  imho, this goes beyond inelegance,
and borders on a bug that needs to be fixed.  it's unthinkable that there are
two databases of available packages which are out of sync everytime we choose
apt over dselect or dselect over apt.

seems like debian should strive to make apt and dselect front ends for the
same package management system.   :(

anyway, your suggestion worked.  much thanks!


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