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Re: apt-get wierdness: when 6 is equal to 9

once upon a time Peter Jay Salzman <p@dirac.org> said:

> just tried it -- i think you're right.  imho, this goes beyond
> inelegance,
> and borders on a bug that needs to be fixed.  it's unthinkable that
> there are
> two databases of available packages which are out of sync everytime we
> choose
> apt over dselect or dselect over apt.
> seems like debian should strive to make apt and dselect front ends for
> the
> same package management system.   :(
> anyway, your suggestion worked.  much thanks!
> pete

I thought it was weird when I first discovered, and even a pain as I
couldn't discover why things weren't being listed. I've just got used to
using apt-cache now, also because it searches through the describtions
and other greater details of the packages.


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