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Re: META QUESTION: how to read a bulk list (and stay happy :-)


I use mutt too, to manage my 1000+ daily messages.
The sw is great!

dman (dsh8290@rit.edu) said thusly on [15/08/01 at 14:49]:

> Anyways, I used to use elm mainly because it was simpler than pine and
> those were the only console mailers I knew of.  Somebody introduced me
> to mutt one time and I haven't looked for another mailer since.
> Mutt's author used to be on the elm dev team so mutt has really
> similar keybindings -- it shouldn't take you any time to get used to
> it.  Mutt uses screen real estate more efficiently than elm, allows
> multiple folders to receive new mail (that is, it flags the mailbox
> and the messages as "new"), and can sort messages by thread.  Until
> you've seen a large list like this sorted by thread, you have no idea
> how useful a feature it is.  Mutt also supports like 4 different
> mailbox formats too.
> -D

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