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Re: vim and Tera Term

Todd Combs wrote:
> This doesn't totaly apply to Debian, but I figure maybe some nice person
> here can help....  :-)
>      I SSH into my Debian box from windows, and I use Tera Term.   My
> problem is I want to use vim, but it doesn't work quite like it does when I
> am "local".  Specificly, the up, down, left, and right arrows do funny
> things in vim via tera term.  I figure I need to change the key mappings in
> tera term, and I know how to do that, but they seem to be mapped ok
> already...  help?
Are you using the special terminfo file? I put it into
/usr/share/terminfo/t on my system.  That does wonders for me, with an
answerback of 'teraterm'.

You can get it from the main Teraterm page.

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