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Re: jdk 1.3

dman muttered:
> On Tue, Aug 14, 2001 at 08:49:49AM -0700, Paul Mackinney wrote:
> | I've heard that the Sun and Blackdown are identical for jdk1.3, I've
> | installed both and on the surface they appeared identical. By inspecting
> | one of the Blackdown mirror sites, I was able to successfully configure
> | my sources.list file and persuade apt to work.
> Yeah, the Blackdown people signed an NDA with Sun in order to port the
> Sun jdk to Linux.  I think now Sun has decided to actually distribute
> a Linux JDK directly from their website so they use the Blackdown
> people's work.
> | I use 'javac' to compile .java to .class, 'java' to run .class files. 
> | I've heard that gcj is only 1.0 compatible. Any know of a jdk1.3
> | compatible compiler to create binaries?
> Do you mean like native binaries?  If so, then no.  Otherwise I use
> jikes because it is nice and fast and produces better error messages
> (IMO).
Yes, I meant native binaries which supposedly gcj will do but I haven't
tried because it's so obviously out of date. I'll give jikes a try.

Question: dselect wants to install something to give me Java VM to go
with jikes (e.g., kaffe, jdk1.1). Should I just override this and 
install jikes by itself? Is there a graceful way to tell dselect that
Java VM is already installed?

TIA, Paul
Paul Mackinney
paul@mackinney.net <- Please note new email address

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