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Re: (OT) Storage (8*IDE HDs) any experiences? - diodes

> Hi!
> > > at these extremes... the diodes wont help....and the dioes will simply
> > > burn up due to the current it has to pass to get to that "voltage"
> > > one side being a diode drop ( 0.7v ) across itself..
> > > - a power mosfet is better suited ...
> hmm, mosfet doesn't make sense to me - IIRC they only work like switches
> I think you should use "Shotkey-diods" the largest one i know could pass
> 200 ampere - and they've less than ~0.4V voltage drop


Mosfets are a kind of transistors with less loss of energy than a bipoar
type. I agree that the only thing you could use is a shottky diode, the drop
is about 0.1-0.2 Volts, I think; therefore it won't produce so much heat and
maybe you won't even need any heatsinks for them. But I think it is
generally not a good thing to reduce the supply voltage by 0.2 Volts this
way, because computers are very sensitive to voltage changes... If there
will be a high load for only a short time, the voltage maybe drops down the
specs and your components are down.


Stephan Hachinger

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