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Re: (OT) Storage (8*IDE HDs) any experiences? - diodes


...Has a system with dual power supplies. If anyone is interested in
putting together a system like that, I suggest they go ahead and buy
one. Otherwise, let's leave the design stuff to the power supply
engineers at Power One and the other big power supply companies. They've
got loads of (trained) people to take care of the design debates
(including the use of Schottky Diodes). If further discussion on this
toppic is desired, perhaps news:alt.engineering.electrical would be a
more appropriate forum (or any of a number of other resources that show
up in a google search).

The debate was off-topic to begin with, strayed even further, yet stayed
interesting with the concerns over load-ballancing supplies. Debating
design features of power supplies is really wandering off of the beaten
path... especially given the lack of experience most of us (the members
of debian-user) have with the subject.

Sorry for adding to the noise, but geez, this list is chatty enough
already to be almost unmanagable. Bottom line: let's let the discussion
die or else move it over to another list or NG.


> (loads of chatter deleted)


Rich Puhek               
ETN Systems Inc.         

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