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Re: (OT) Storage (8*IDE HDs) any experiences? - diodes

hi ya

> I think if you use a diode to connect the outputs you are limiting
> the current flow in one way only. And why would you want to do this?

the diodes need to be power diodes... vs signal diodes 

given you cannot tie the power supplies at two diff voltages together...
you have to isolate it somehow... ( the power diode method )
	- even putting two batteries in parallel dont work...
	- and it gets real fun when you put car batteries in parallel
	- and if you can get it working... it makes for a very good UPS
	- one car battery lasts about 15hrs ...for a P3-500 class server
	- sitting idle with no AC power

yes...it might limit the current... and a resistor is bad too
cause they both nullifies/weaken the accurate "voltage regulation"..
	- ie.  big current spikes will occur ....

but more importantly, its primary purpose is to allow for the 
two power supply at different voltages ( +5.25v  and +4.75v ) to be tied

at these extremes... the diodes wont help....and the dioes will simply
burn up due to the current it has to pass to get to that "voltage"
one side being a diode drop ( 0.7v ) across itself..
	- a power mosfet is better suited ...

think we're going off course...but... thats the fun of watching
things blow up in the lab when ne does whacky things like connect
two power supplies together???  ( smoke test or heat test )

c ya
http://www.Linux-1U.net ... 

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