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Re: backup strategies

hi ya keith

when i work on a backup system....
- i assume your primary machine yu are backing up lost its disks
- i assume the backup disk can also lose its disk...
	- disk failures etc is easy to simulate...
	- just pull the cable off the disk... and see the panic

	and can i still recover.... 

- backup systems on the same machine you are backing up is NOT
  a backup solution.... if the power supply goes poof, you're dead...
  if the memory goes bad... the disks gets 'randomly/slowly wiped out"

- tape backups i've seen or come into fixing their boxes after the
  fact has all failed to backup... ( mostly cause they didnt rotate
  the backup and/or  they didnt randomly check the backups is working
	( everything is backed up that should be )

if we can recover form a simulated disk crashes...
....good...is it worth the clients time and $$$$....

if not... what other daily backup options is there for 500Gb of data

- Disks are cheap/better for backups...( imho )
	- $100 for 20Gb disk...which is good for 2-3 months of backup
	  for a similar sized "data" disk
	- 100% automated and no manual intervention needed for backups
	- you have to randomly check your backups...
	- no different than checking backups w/ tapes or other media

-- there are dozens of backup-related "system/network" failure modes.... 
	- which ones are the "backup system" supposed to protect against??

	- 100% disk full ( on the backup system )
	- disk crashes...
	- somebody didnt check the backup system regularly/randomly
	- somebody didnt change the tape yesterday
	- incremental backups was NOT properly implemented
	- network connectivity went down
	- disk cable insulation was slowly being eaten away...
	- dns died
	- nfs timeout due to some other pc went offline
	- ethernet cable got pulled
	- fan died
	- flaky memory
	- power supply surge
	- 110vac power failure
	- cpu failure
	- incompatible tar/compressed formats
	- blah..blah...

fun stuff.... 

c ya

On Thu, 3 May 2001, Keith G. Murphy wrote:

> Alvin Oga wrote:
> > 
> > hi ya
> > 
> > I'd use disk as backups... if i was starting from scratch
> >         - nothing need be done...unlike tapes that requires regular
> >         possibly daily interaction )
> > 
> Are you not concerned that your disk controller will go wacky, fubarring
> both drives?
> I'd be interested in hearing other opinions/suggestions on this topic.
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