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Re: RAM economy tips

> Dont forget that memory is used for caching and suchlike..
> Why is is so bad to have 90% memory used after all is it
> better for it to be unused? you paid for it! ;)  So it is used
> to speed things up, cache things you might need and re-used
> when you request something in particular..
> Unless everything slows to a crawl, swaps like mad or runs
> out of memory you should take it with a pinch of salt (and
> maybe wonder why the other 10% isn't made to do something
> useful too)

In theory, this is fine. But on my system (512 MB RAM) it's not always like 
that. After a few hours of work with a lot of opening apps and documents and 
images, it dips into swap, and it does that even when I close most apps. So 
before I can continue working I have to reboot. This shouldn't be necessary. 
Is it because I have a 'pre' kernel? I wondered why they made the 2.2.18pre21 
the default kernel for potato when they otherwise put software in it that are 
sometimes not usable because they're so ancient.

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