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Re: disk space anomaly

On Sun, Nov 26, 2000 at 04:15:00AM -0500, S.Salman Ahmed wrote:

> found, thankfully. Interesting enough, after the badblocks scan, df now
> reports a correct number (I think);
> (df)
> /dev/hda9              2403420        20   2281308   1% /usr/local
> (df -ah)
> /dev/hda9             2.3G   20k  2.1G   1% /usr/local

more then likely you had a large file there which some process had
open, then the file was deleted.  when an open file is deleted the
space is not freed from the filesystem until its closed, but since
there is no link du will be unable to see it and thus calculate its
disk usage. 

you you unmounted the filesystem to run badblocks you would have had
to kill whatever process was using the file, thus the space was

Ethan Benson

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