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Re: Installing new SCSI driver in Dell Poweredge - a challenge?

On Sun, Nov 26, 2000 at 03:51:18PM +0800, Andrew McRobert wrote:

> the Seagate HDD at id 0, and the config file tells LILO to look for the
> kernel and root partition on "/dev/sda1".

this is simple, just get a lilo boot: prompt and type:

linux root=/dev/sdc1

which will override the root= line in lilo.conf

> If I boot the server with the old Sun HDD attached, I get a message along
> the lines of "can't find boot device", if I take it out again, the Seagate
> drive can't boot (it gets to "LI" and hangs). What I'd like to do is make
> sure that the old Sun HDD is /dev/sdc - NOT /dev/sda - in which case the
> machine should boot a-ok. However, for the life of me I can't get Linux to
> recognise it as anything but /dev/sda. I've tried setting it's id to 0, and
> the normal Seagate boot drive to 1 (and changed the SCSI controller to boot
> from "1") - but this doesn't work either - the Sun disk is still /dev/sda.
> I've also told the BIOS to give the on-board controller a higher boot
> priority than the PCI SCSI controller - but this doesn't change Linux-world.

the linux kernel assigns the device nodes dynamically, whatever disk
it notices first will get /dev/sda, its much simpler to just fix
/etc/fstab and lilo.conf then try and convince the kernel otherwise.  

as for the LI stuff maybe you should try grub, i think its much less
fragile then lilo, its also much more powerful and smarter.  (you
don't have to reinstall it everytime you touch the kernel files) 

Ethan Benson

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