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Re: disk space anomaly

> Currently, no software has been installed in /usr/local or no files have
> been copied in that partition. A few empty directories have been created
> by some package installation scripts.
> When I check using cfdisk, cfdisk shows the size of /usr/local as being
> correct: 2.5Gb.
> When I check using df, here is what I get:
> (df)
> /dev/hda9              2166280    646320   1409920  32% /usr/local

as another poster said, it could be a bad-blocks problem, but i doubt it.
they're not very common on drives that work properly :o)

by default, a certain amount of space is reserved for root. that's usually 5%
which explains the problem almost completely. tune2fs can change that if
you're worried.

there is another posibility. sometimes a deleted file doesn't free its space
when you crash your computer. when you next run fsck, it should be corrected.

cheers :)

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